Men's Retreat 2019


Men’s Retreat 2019: Hunting & Fishing God’s Way
With Dr. Gary Johnson of E2 Elders
Feb. 22nd-23rd @ Solid Rock Bible Camp
$75 per person

Hunting and fishing are more than a sport.  For us as Christian men, hunting and fishing are a mission.  Do you have family or friends who are unbelievers?  Do you have children or grandchildren who are far from God?  Jesus called us "fishers of men," but are we fishermen if we do not fish?  In the few hours we have together, we will learn a lot about hunting and fishing...God's way!
Session 1: Jesus on Mission
Session 2: Fishing that Works
Session 3: The Great Hunt

Retreat begins with registration at 4pm on Feb 22nd.

Current Men's Bible Studies at KCC

Wednesday Evenings
6:30 to 7:30
Room 110
Led by Adam Meyers

 Thursday Men's Bible Study
Noon till 1pm

Noon til 1pm in the classroom below the Chapel

This Bible study is led by Randy Richeson