Summer Small Groups

~Summer Small Groups 2019~
Group Name: What’s the Difference?
Facilitators: Mike Carroll & Mike Efta            
Place: Caroll’s House 708 Maple Dr. Kenai
Time: Sundays 5:00-7:00
Target audience: Singles and families. 
Focus: Apologetics and the study of different religions.    

Group Name: Kill the Spider
Facilitators: Clint James & Adam Meyers                                 
Place: Home of Adam & Karlene Meyers 33675 Gas Well Road, Soldotna
Time: Sundays at 1:00pm
Target audience: Intergenerational
Focus: The book, Kill the Spider by Carols Whitaker is the springboard for discussion, but it is not necessary to purchase  to participate. 

Group Name: What is the Millennials Place in the Church?
Facilitators: Charlie Jones        
Place:   Jones’s House 2730 Set Net Court, Kenai
Time: TBA
Target audience:  Millennials
Focus:  What is the Millennials Place in the Church?

Group Name: Bread Breakers
Facilitators: Bryan Copenhaver               
Place: Medcoff’s – 36026 Meandering Way, Soldotna     
Time: 12:45 start time
Target audience: Those who wish to grow in fellowship, understanding God's Word, appreciation of good food and better discourse.
Focus: Going deeper into the message of that day and discussing it as a group.

Group Name: Trail Mix
Facilitators:    Willie & Jenn Castillo             
Place: North Forest Park
Time: June 9 at 2:00 PM
Target audience: Anyone who wants to be active walking, hiking, or biking.
Focus: Fellowship

Group Name: “But, What I Meant Was…”
Facilitators:  Nate Craig    
Place: 33097 Rensselaer Lane, Soldotna
Time: Sundays  at 1:00
Target audience: Everyone and anyone interested in living out Proverbs 18:20-21
Focus:  Do you ever say one thing, but your recipient hears an entirely different message? It’s a frustration that can be avoided by learning about the 4 temperaments in light of scripture and utilizing individually purchased resources with a Christian Worldview!

Group Name: You and Servant Leadership
Facilitators: Dave & Leslie Daniel                
Place: Coffee Express across from Kenai Christian Church
Time: Mondays at 1:00
Target audience:  Those who can use a smart device to access the You Version Bible App, and desire to learn about servant leadership in all aspects of life. 
Focus: Growing in our understanding of and capacity for servant leadership.