Summer Small Groups

~Summer Small Groups 2018~
Facilitator: Adam Meyers                                                
Group Name:  Brunch & Bible
Place: Home of Adam & Karlene Meyers 
Time: 1:00pm
Target audience: Every one of every age
Focus: Food, Fellowship, and Fun, and learning more about God’s Word.

Facilitator: Bryan Copenhaver              
Group Name:  Bread Breakers
Place: Mike & Kathy Medcoff's Home   
Time: 12:45pm 
Target audience: Those who wish to grow in: fellowship, understanding God's Word, appreciation of good food and better discourse.
Focus: Going deeper into the message of that day and discussing it as a group.

Facilitator: Randy Richeson                   
Group Name: Rain or Shine
Place: Sky View Middle School track at the bleachers to start 
Time: 5:00pm
Target audience: Those who enjoy walking and talking. This location allows children to run and play in the grass or ride bicycles safely within view. 
Focus: This outdoor activity takes place “Rain or Shine”. Come prepared for a change in the weather. Prayer, inspirational reading, and scripture at close of each meeting.  

Facilitators: Matt Rankin & Charlie Jones        
Group Name:  Fantastic Families
Place: Matt & Cassy Rankin's Home 
Time: To be determined by the group, but shortly after Sunday services 
Target audience: Those who desire to grow as a family and in an understanding of God’s Word to that end. 
Focus: Fantastic Families

Facilitators: Dave & Leslie Daniel      
Group Name:  You Version and the Great Land
Place: First meeting will be held at the Kenai Beach.
Time: The first meeting will be at 3:00pm 
Target audience:  Those who can use a smart device to access the You Version Bible App, and want to hike. 
Focus: Growing in Wisdom and enjoying or Creator's creation!

Facilitators: Clint & Christina James       
Group Name:  Connections
Place: The Park on South Forest in Kenai
Time: 1:00pm 
Target audience:  Young families. 
Focus: Young families connecting while discussing the sermon and encouraging each other along the way 

Facilitators: James Spinka & James Butler        
Group Name:  From Good to Great in God’s Eyes
Place: James & Lori Spinka's Home 
Time:  5:00pm
Target audience:  Every one of every age.
Focus: Learning from each other and Chip Ingram.