Thursday Bible Studies 2019

Registrations for Thursday Bible Study and Gospel Garden are now closed.
Please contact Lori Spinka for availability.

THURSDAY AM Bible Studies:
Breakfast 9:00-9:25am
Classes 9:30-11:30am

Facilitator: Veronica Copenhaver

What if Tolkien never wrote The Return of the King?  Or CS  Lewis never wrote The Last Battle?  Where would that leave you, the reader, in regard to those stories?  Would you feel left hanging?  Would you imagine your own ending?  Have you considered the Bible has its own "last battle" and "return of the King?"  Revelation offers hope and joy to those in league with the King.  Join us as we dig into Revelation and uncover the truths of God's story and how it all unfolds. 

 Facilitator: Jill Craig
"God of Covenant"

By: Jen Wilkin 

‘Beginning with Genesis 12, we will walk alongside Abraham, Isaac, Jacob & Joseph.  Join us over 10 sessions as we discover how God orchestrates everything for His glory & the good of His people.’

No Gospel Garden Childcare available

Facilitator: Fran Jones
"Revelation: Here & Now, There & Then"

By: Beth Moore
"God is as specific about what He does revel, as He is about what He does not reveal!" Here and Now...There and Then, is a study through Revelation with author Beth Moore.    

For more information on these studies contact:
Lori Spinka