Caleb Beck, Youth Minister
work: 907-283-4559
Caleb grew up in the Buckeye city, Columbus, Ohio.  After many years of training, he gave up on his dream to become a Jedi Master and went to Kentucky Christian University to get his degree in Bible and Ministry, emphasizing in preaching.  In college, he enjoyed cliff jumping, ultimate frisbee, nerf wars, playing soccer, and binge watching NETFLIX shows with friends.  In order to graduate and receive his degree, Caleb took a year long internship with Momentum Christian church in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2016, where he drank lots of coffee, played a lot of ukulele, and worked with the youth (teaching them and training them in the ways of the force).  After his internship, he spent a year searching for a full-time job while working part-time at his home church in Columbus.  It wasn't until March, 2018, when Caleb accepted the youth ministry position at Kenai Christian Church and moved all the way from Ohio, to Alaska.  You'll find Caleb either at a coffee shop, out hiking, hammocking, or teaching someone a board game.